General Directorate of Tourism / Duhok

Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


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Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Tourism in Duhok


Kurdistan Region of Iraq is considered one of the finest, most beautiful and most charming parts of Iraq, because of its Virgin nature that captivates minds, where temperate climate with

fresh air, high mountains, magnificent Valleys, fertile plains, trees, forests and meadows, while springs flow with fresh and clear water in foothills and Valleys. God has enriched each span

of Kurdistan Region with nature, Various terrains, mineral and clear drinking water, which made the Region to be known by agriculture, grazing cattle, sheep and poultry in addition to the Various leather industry and other industries.

Some projects and tourist facilities were constructed for the convenience of tourists, and there are fully accommodated tourist houses, to rent, under construction in tourist areas that are often Visited by many tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Region. Tourist and entertainment areas /facilities in addition to recreational resorts and religious sites in Duhok Governorate are distributed among:

Duhok City, Amadiya District, Zakho District, Aqra District, Shekhan District.