General Directorate of Tourism / Duhok

Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Tourism Laws

My brother tourist

1.    Interest in cleaning tourist areas. Collect dirt and put it in places allocated to them.

2.    Not damage natural areas as hiking.

3.    Parking in places allocated to it well and abide by the instructions of coming and going.

4.    Not ignite a fire in these areas as hiking.

5.    Not to raise the voices of audio appliances such as radio and recorder car so as not to inconvenience citizens                 while tourism.  

6.    Inform the security authorities in the event of any case of theft in that place.

7.    Not to break the glass in these places.

8.    Keep cars away from each other.

9.    Lack of tourism in places like rivers and deep to preserve the lives of citizens from drowning.

10.   Not to sit in the sides of the main roads.