General Directorate of Tourism / Duhok

Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

the western Gate of Amadiya City

this gate was known as (Mosule Gte)or (sqafa Gate) or( sinjar Gate),and there are two rocks in the form of human with features of the Ashobi animal in between. According to the archeologists,these rocks have been found during the time of (Ashkanyan)(part-Alfrtheon),but the historian (Anwar Mayee) in his book (Kurds in Bahdinan)in Amadiya region , has written more about how old these civilization are. he also add ,that Amadiya or (Median buiding) or (Median) Governorate were two light words and became Amadiya .this region became known by such name in preislam Era and it was famous by then ,besides it was older than Nineveh Govarnorate, which was the Assyrian capital. this Governorate is the nearest one to (Shander)which many archeological sites and human skeletons were found belonging to (75000) years BC.