General Directorate of Tourism / Duhok

Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


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Summail park

It is a modern constructed park opposite college of Agriculture / University of Duhok  .


it is one of the beautiful and well-organized gardends with a very wide area and adorned by statue of the leader and the spiritual father of the Kurds,the immortal Mullah Mustafa is l

Zere park

it is located near to zere land Apartments and contains kids entertainment  games,gardens,restaurants and cafeterias.

Azadi park

it is located in the middle of the city near duhok stadum ,which comprises of gardens,parks, restaurant and cafeterias .

Galy Park

there you can find Duhok dam,Gali Duhok waterfall,the ancient Charesteen cave and (15) archaeological sites, in addtion to restaurants,cafeterias,casinos,and kids entertainment is one of t

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